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Among the connoisseurs of Calvados, the famed apple distillate from the orchards of Normandy in northwest France, no other name commands greater recognition than that of Boulard. For nearly 200 years, Calvados Boulard has been produced by the Boulard family in the town of Coquainvilliers in the Pays d’Auge(pays – dooj) region. Today, Boulard is run by the fifth generation, Vincent Boulard.

About Boulard Calvados


Founded in 1820 as both a cider and calvados production distillery, Pierre-Auguste Boulard was very active in the development of the calvados category. Calvados may be produced anywhere in Normandy with basic category guidelines, but only the finest expressions of Calvados come from the additional regulations applied to the small region of Pays d’Auge.


The Pays d’Auge region is much like that of the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, in its strict and finite regulations for spirit production. Calvados Boulard is the most notable of the Calvados found within the small region. Working with a co-op of growers on the 150 family owned acres, they harvest over 120 varietals of apple from the nearly 800 varieties grown. Generally each fresh press distillate is comprised of nearly 80 different varietals of apple, in three categories: sweet, bitter, and bittersweet.

Calvados can be enjoyed neat or in your favorite classic cocktail.
Boulanrd Apples About the Winery


Per production law for the region, Calvados Boulard is distilled two times in copper pot stills before being laid to rest in New Limousin Oak barrels. By regulation, each calvados must be aged no less than 2 years. Age designations are similar to those used in Cognac (i.e, 2yrs-VS, 4yrs VSOP, etc.) It is a common practice to have a combination of young calvados (4years), medium calvados (10 years) and old calvados (approximately 15 years) to create the final spirit for bottling.

The painstaking patience and craftsmanship of the cellar master to create the best possible calvados for each expression has resulted in Boulard becoming one of the most highly sought after calvados brands in the world.

The Calvados Boulard range includes VSOP of approximately 7 years in age, XO with a range of age from 8-15 years, Auguste XO approximately 20 years, and Extra over 25 years in age.