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Producer description

Located in the prestigious wine production area of Montalcino in Tuscany, Val di Suga has the unique advantage of being the only producer with vineyards in all three of Montalcino’s viticultural regions - each with its own individual terroir.

About Val di Suga

Burgundy Method

Val di Suga employs the Burgundy method, crafting wines that follow appellation regulations but with an additional focus on individual territories; the result is high quality Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino renowned for its aging potential but also approachable when young.

Val di Suga

Montalcino is a small Tuscan town about 25 miles from Siena; its hills took shape during different geological eras accounting for their highly differing soil characteristics. Montalcino enjoys a typical dry Mediterranean climate with a continental influence due to its location between the sea and the Central Apennines.

Has the unique advantage of being the only producer with vineyards in all 3 of Montalcino’s viticultural regions, each with its own individual terroir
Val di Suga Vineyard About the Winery

Based in Tuscany

Val di Suga’s estate is located on 300 acres of which 125 are under vine. Poggio al Granchio, located in the southeast, Vigna Spuntali, located in the southwest and Vigna del Lago, located in the north represent its three diverse production areas.