Irishman Cordials, The
Irish Coffee
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DescriptionThe Irishman was founded in 1999 by Bernard and Rosemary Walsh with the mission to craft authentic, world-class spirits in Ireland. Ireland has a long history of whiskey distillation, dating back to 1558. The Walsh clan, the largest in Ireland, has been involved with whiskey production since 1870. Produced from only the purest ingredients, The Hot Irishman Irish coffee is an innovative product that reflects centuries of experience and passion, resulting in a truly authentic Irish coffee.
NoseDelicate aromas of coffee, vanilla and toffee.
PalateDelicate coffee flavor with a hint of butterscotch.
AnalysisAlcohol: 21 %
Bottle size
750 ml, 50 ml
Serving SuggestionsJust add hot water and cream for a delicious and consistent Irish Coffee every time.
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