Bauchant Orange Liqueur

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Producer description

Maison Roullet-Fransac maintains a tradition of producing fine quality cognac dating back to its inception in 1838. In the category of orange-flavored liqueurs, Bauchant is unique, a judicious combination of old cognac and extract of orange obtained from sweet as well as bitter oranges. The high quality blend of curaçao and old cognac is a popular after-dinner drink and in hot demand as the key ingredient in a range of fashionable cocktail recipes, especially Margaritas. In recent years Bauchant has earned the endorsement of a growing number of high-profile pastry chefs around the U.S. who have found it ideal for use in dessert recipes that call for an orange-flavored liqueur among their list of ingredients – recipes such as flambéed crêpes, orange-flavored cakes and chocolate mousses.

About Bauchant


Bauchant melds together a soft texture from the aged Cognac and the flavors of orange and honey to generate a flavor that starts and ends fruit forward.

Mason Roullet-Fransac

The cognac base is a combination of precious reserves of fine quality VS and VSOP Cognac; while the orange flavor profile, a unique creation to the category, uses both bitter and sweet oranges. In order to achieve the perfect orange blossom flavor profile, Bauchaunt utilizes 3 different orange varieties -Andalusian, Mandarin, and Tangerine. This combination creates a cohesive nose to palate profile, fresh and light and orange forward, with a slight hint of honey on the finish.


Across the years, Bauchant has continued to gain international acclaim, and has become a staple in upscale, trendy, and even everyday cocktail bars around the world.